1:1 & Private Gong Baths

Want to experience the amazing effects of the Gongs but don't want to be with a group of people you don't necessarily know? Now you can book to receive your very own private 1:1 Gong Bath at our wonderful 16C Suffolk Farmhouse. We can take you on an amazing journey or maybe you want to experience a Gong Healing or perhaps you just want to immerser yourself in the sounds of these amazing mesmerising instruments. Whatever you are looking for or need we can help you....

Throughout history many cultures have used sound to help others relax, meditate, allowing the sound vibrations to flow through & around the person. ‘Gong Meditation’ is often referred to as a ‘Gong Bath’ as participants as ‘bathed’ in the Gong’s sound waves. These waves or vibrations allow the mind & body to become more relaxed, helping support the bodies own healing ability, increasing endorphins and lowering levels of cortisol.

Benefits from these treatments can include a sense of calm & wellbeing. There can also be a release of deep seated emotional blockages & greater emotional, psychological & spiritual understanding.

Our Gong Baths are unscripted we flow in meditation with you. So why not come along and join for a journey like no other. Rest, Relax, Restore.

Mats, pillows and blankets are all included for you to use, cozy and comfortable is the aim.

The session lasts for an hour with the Gong being played for about 40-45mins.

We don't have set times for these (but we are unable to perform past 10pm). But we can accomodate most requests.

Please get in touch with us on 01440 783051 or email us HERE to find out more or talk about your requirments.