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Female intimate Waxing by Sarah. Sarah does both intimate and normal waxing using the best hot and warm waxes available. Choose one of the treatments below and be amazed at how fresh and smooth a waxing treatment can be.


Bikini (standard) - £10

A normal bikini wax. Nothing more nothing less... Well maybe hairless....



Bikini (extended) - £15

Want a bit more off... Then this is the wax for you. Next stop is the SMOOOTH!



Buttocks- £15

As it says.....



The SMOOOTH - £35 (offer price £25)

Everything off.... You will have the full Brazilian feel



Bikini & Full Leg Wax - £30

Standard Bikini Wax as well a full leg wax. Sheer Luxury

Bikini & The SMOOOTH - £50 (offer price £40)

Everything off... for the totally SMOOOTH feeling